Vince Gilligan didn’t wanted Lalo Salamanca in Better Call Saul

Lalo Salamanca was one of the most adored characters in Vince Gilligan’s AMC series Better Call Saul, which debuted its farewell episode last Monday. Tony Dalton, who portrayed the interesting, astute, and seductive Character, was never to be introduced, as told by Vince Gilligan in an interview.

Until the fourth season of the Saul Goodman spin-off, in which he makes his first actual appearance, the Character of Lalo was actually an open and never closed parenthesis. 

If you recall, the name Lalo had already been heard in the times of Breaking Bad, when Walter White and Jessie Pinkman had abducted and taken Saul into the desert, whom he thought were henchmen of a certain Lalo, charged with killing him.

The Breaking Bad creator discusses why he decided against including Lalo in Better Call Saul.

“In the first two seasons of BCS, when I was more invested in the show, Peter Gould kept insisting that we explain who Lalo is, and I was like, “I was not sure if we really need to untangle every single mystery,” recalls Gilligan.

“It embarrasses me to acknowledge it now. And I was mistaken. Tony Dalton wouldn’t have existed if Peter hadn’t insisted. Without this fantastic Character, we would not have it.”

“Often, those with whom I find it most frustrating to work with, who make me say ‘Ah, to hell with them. Who cares.’ tend to be the best of all.”

So closes the two critically acclaimed TV series creators, making an obvious allusion to the Jessie Pinkman character, portrayed by Aaron Paul. He was originally scheduled to depart the program in the first season. 

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