Breaking Bad | 10 Underrated Supporting Characters

Breaking Bad | 10 Underrated Supporting Characters

The compelling plot and talented actors played a significant role in making Breaking Bad one of the most watched and critically acclaimed television programs.

Even if many Characters weren’t given as much attention or a specific plot, they all contributed to the development of the overarching narrative.

So here are 10 Underrated Supporting Characters in Breaking Bad

Skinny Pete & Badger

Within the play, Skinny Pete and Badger perform as a duo act and are funny together. Despite not being the show’s sharpest characters, Jesse places a lot of faith in them, even for essential duties.

Hector Salamanca

Despite his age and health, Hector Salamanca plays a significant role in the television series Breaking Bad. He can instill absolute dread in anybody who crosses his path.

Jane Margolis

The beautiful Jane significantly impacts Jesse Pinkman’s life. Her influence on his perspective makes their time together quite lovely and enjoyable to observe. They make a fantastic partnership and their time together helps to illustrate the kind of life Jesse may have had.

Gale Boetticher

Gale is a kind, compassionate, and intelligent lady, but he does not belong in a life of crime. Gale plays a crucial supporting role in Jesse’s journey and contributes several hilarious and highly moving moments to the episode.

Ted Beneke

Though he has many flaws and is a fascinating character, at his core, he is simply an ordinary person trying to get by and live a short life.


Walt needs Krazy-8 to show him how far he will have to go to achieve in this world. He is a complicated figure who also conveys emotion.

Gretchen & Elliot

Elliot and Gretchen are two honorable citizens who are genuinely decent people. Despite Walt’s perception that they have wronged him, the pair have always been eager to assist him, as seen by their offer to cover all of Walt’s medical expenses, which might have helped him avoid many difficulties.

Lydia Rodarte-Quayle

Although Lydia is undoubtedly not a fan favorite, she is intelligent and devious and contributes to the program’s general tone.

Todd Alquist

Jesse and Walt briefly place their faith in him, which is a mistake. Sometimes, audiences feel bad for him, and other times, they despise him.

Steve Gomez

Steve won over audiences with his fantastic humor and for being dependable and trustworthy. He and Hank developed a real bromance and battled together to the finish.