Did You Know that Jesse Pinkman was suppose to leave the show at the end of Season 1

The first scene of Breaking Bad introduces Walter White, a chemistry teacher who has just received a cancer diagnosis. In response to this occurrence and the impending death, he decides to manufacture Meth to leave his family with a big inheritance.

However, because he does not know the market, he encounters Jesse Pinkman, a former classmate who knows where and to whom to sell. Jesse and Walter begin selling alongside one another and work with a dealer by the name of Tuco.

Walter finally connives Tuco, who is more aggressive than anticipated. A transaction in the desert goes wrong after Season One, and Tuco kills Jesse by beating him. At least according to the original series screenplay, this was the case until a strike changed the course of events and ultimately saved the character’s life.

Jesse Pinkman was originally going to be killed off during the season 1 finale when Vince Gilligan was still creating Breaking Bad. The action was meant to demonstrate that even prominent characters on the program weren’t fully protected. This may have been a story device, causing Walt to feel terrible remorse throughout season 2 and beyond.

Thankfully, after recording the second episode of the program, Gilligan swiftly abandoned the notion. After seeing Aaron Paul’s performance in the second episode and the incredible chemistry between Paul and Bryan Cranston.
The funniest comedies featured this unpredictable coupling. Walt regarded Jesse almost like a son because he couldn’t tell his family the truth about his business.

Gilligan moved the last scene he had in mind to the conclusion of the seventh chapter. Therefore Tuco killed his No-Doze companion instead of Jesse. Jesse Pinkman was spared from death in this way. As a result, he became a co-star every season, even had his own Netflix film, and recently made a cameo in Better Call Saul.