Jonathan Banks Recalls the Best Moment from the set of Better Call Saul

Jonathan Banks, who portrayed Mike in the television series Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad, created a video to honor his time on set.

The show Better Call Saul has ended. Therefore, it’s time for many performers to bid their longtime roles a fond farewell. Jonathan Banks, who has portrayed the cranky Mike Ehrmantraut since Breaking Bad, is one of the people who will undoubtedly remember more.

Due to this, the actor has chosen to create a short video in which he reflects on some of the events that have shaped his life while playing this now-iconic part and collects them in a figurative “box of memories.”

As you can see, the actor concentrates on three components.

The first is the Little Prince book, which shows the lovely bond between Mike and his granddaughter, perhaps the person he cares about most in the entire world. On the other hand, the second is lighter and is about the beer that his character consumes in large quantities while at home. The third, though, is considerably more sad and emotional. Banks recalls his time on the set when the Better Call Saul finale was almost finished.

The show’s star, Bob Odenkirk, also made a video to express his gratitude to the insiders for their outstanding support.