How I Met Your Mother’s Ted & Future Son Actors Reunite 9 Years After Finale

How I Met Your Mother actors Josh Radnor and David Henrie have come together almost a decade after the sitcom’s divisive series finale. Radnor, who portrayed protagonist Ted Mosby, embarked on various adventures with close friends in the pursuit of true love. Meanwhile, Henrie played Ted’s son, Luke, in the future scenes narrated by the late Bob Saget.

The Unanticipated Reunion:

Henrie shared a post capturing the unexpected reunion, featuring the smiling actors. The clever caption, “Found my father. Finally,” adds a delightful touch to the reunion, coincidentally occurring nine years post the series finale, echoing the show’s extensive run on CBS.

How Ted’s Kids Shaped How I Met Your Mother’s Controversial Ending:

The scenes involving Ted’s children were filmed during season 1 and the early part of season 2, including the series finale conversation with Ted. This decision ensured the preservation of the ending before the actors aged out of their roles. Henrie and co-star Lyndsy Fonseca, who played Ted’s daughter, completed their part of the finale at the beginning of season 2, as Henrie was 17 and Fonseca was 19 by the time they finished filming.

The Double-Edged Sword:

While this strategy granted Ted’s kids an active role in the show’s ending, guiding him towards rekindling his relationship with Robin, it also became a double-edged sword. The commitment to the filmed ending limited the show’s flexibility to adapt to future seasons, resulting in the controversial decision to kill off Tracy and continue Ted’s love story with Robin. Despite the backlash, altering the ending would have sacrificed Ted’s children’s meaTed’sul role in the finale, a challenging compromise for a series titled How I Met Your Mother.