NFL star Michael Oher depicted in ‘The Blind Side’ says movie was a LIE

NFL star Michael Oher depicted in ‘The Blind Side’ says movie was a LIE

Once a prominent NFL offensive tackle, Michael Oher rose to fame as the central figure in the celebrated cinematic masterpiece “The Blind Side,” released in 2009.

Starring Sandra Bullock, The film beautifully portrayed Oher’s odyssey of integration into the Tuohy family during his formative high school years. Yet, recent revelations have unveiled a veiled disparity between the movie’s emotional narrative and the stark reality that underpins it.

In a surprising twist of events, Oher made a formal foray into the legal arena by submitting a petition at the Shelby County courthouse in Tennessee one Monday morning. His contention pivots on a core assertion: the Tuohys, Sean and Leigh Anne, never undertook his formal adoption.

Instead, they purportedly steered him toward endorsing a conservatorship document, a decision Oher contends he undertook under the sway of misinformation. This pivotal document was signed shortly after his 18th birthday, a critical juncture in his life.

The difficulties of Oher’s claims unravel within a meticulously detailed 14-page submission. He delves into the complex web woven by the Tuohys, claiming that they skillfully blurred the lines between conservatorship and adoption to advance their own financial interests.

According to Oher, their strategic maneuvering paved the way for the family to secure the lucrative rights to “The Blind Side.” Although the film raked in a staggering $300 million in box office revenue, Oher insists he remained unrewarded while the Tuohys and their biological children basked in financial success.

Accounts suggest that each member of the Tuohy family amassed a substantial sum exceeding $200,000, coupled with a 2.5% stake in the film’s profits. Stirred by this revelation of financial inequity, Oher embarked on a legal voyage, enlisting the aid of a seasoned attorney.

Through this legal journey, he unveiled a surprising revelation: his adoption by the Tuohy family was not a legal reality, a stark departure from his initial understanding when he put pen to paper on the conservatorship document.

Oher’s recent legal bid serves a twofold purpose. First, it strives to correct the financial imbalance that has persisted, and second, it aims to illuminate the complex tapestry of his relationship with the Tuohys, underscoring a narrative far more intricate than previously thought.

Michael Oher Earnings

Before the spotlight shone on his adoption saga, Oher had already carved an indelible mark on the gridiron. His standout performance at Ole Miss between 2005 and 2008 captured the attention of NFL scouts, culminating in his selection as the 23rd overall pick by the Baltimore Ravens in the 2009 draft.

Initiating his NFL journey with the Ravens, Oher’s inaugural contract spanned five years, accompanied by a valuation of $13.4 million. A subsequent chapter in his career saw him penning a four-year contract with the Tennessee Titans in 2014, an arrangement commanding a staggering $20 million. While his tenure with the Titans was abbreviated due to a foot injury, Oher secured the guaranteed $9.3 million and a generous $4 million signing bonus.

Steering his path to the Carolina Panthers, Oher embarked on a two-year tenure valued at $7 million. Following an electrifying Super Bowl stint with the team, he inked an extension spanning three seasons. Nonetheless, a debilitating season-ending concussion in 2016 led to his release after failing a physical examination. Despite this setback, Oher was entitled to the assured $9.5 million stipulated in the contract and the $4 million signing bonus.

Michael Oher’s football journey culminated in earnings amounting to an impressive $34.5 million throughout his illustrious eight-year NFL career.