Michael Keaton confesses he has never seen a Marvel or DC Film

As the Protector of Gotham in the two Tim Burton-helmed installments of the Batman series from the 1990s, Michael Keaton is one of the greatest Batmans in history. 

He appeared as the Vulture in the MCU as well. However, the legendary actor admitted in an interview with Variety that he does not particularly enjoy the genre of fine comics.

Michael Keaton admitted to Variety that despite playing Batman, he never saw any Marvel or DC films in their entirety.

I know people don’t believe it, but I’ve never seen a full version of any of those movies, Marvel or anything. And I’m not saying I don’t watch them because I’m an intellectual, trust me! That’s not it. It’s just that there are very few things I look at. I start watching something, and I think it’s great, and I watch three episodes, but then I think I have more shit to do!

Despite this, Michael Keaton will reprise his role as Burce Wayne in the upcoming The Flash, a DC movie starring Ezra Miller, thirty years after the character’s previous appearance.

What it would be like after so many years intrigued me. Of course, not so much for me personally, though I was interested in the concept., strangely, from a social point of view. This whole thing is gigantic. [Marvel and DC] have their very own world. So, I like to look at him as a stranger, thinking, “Good heavens!”

[The Flash] It sounded funny – he continued. And the script was very good indeed! Then I thought: “Why not? It’s nice to jump into the past like this, and I’m curious to see if I can make it.”