The Boys join the MCU with Ant-Man, and Moon Knight with Fan Parody Posters

The Boys’ official page has released some fantastic fan art that, as usual, parodies the Marvel universe.

You are aware that when The Boys were founded, their goal was to create superheroes that were a type of parody of the most well-known Marvel and DC characters. So here we have a Homelander imitating Superman, Deep making fun of Aquaman, or Soldier Boy making fun of Captain America.
So when the artist blacknoir.edits decided to make fan posters that mocked those of the MCU by inserting the heroes seen on the Amazon show within them. It seemed consistent with The Boys’ official account to repost them and make fun of them. Again, the whole Marvel world.

From A-Train, who appears on the Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania poster, to Homelander, who is seen lasering Thor, Ms. Marvel, who Starlight replaces, and The hands of Black Noir, who takes the role of Moon Knight in the Moon Knight Poster.

Following the third season’s phenomenal success, The Boys’ fourth season will shortly start filming in Canada. The future of Butcher, which we have left in poor circumstances, will be one of the issues that will carry the most weight in this new revision.
Eric Kripke, the show’s creator, stated this to Variety:

He’ll probably offer everything. They must contend with the DeSantis slate. We’re having a lot of fun trying to manage this crazy ticking clock in season 4. He didn’t since he had so much to do. In addition, every attempt he has made up to this point has failed horribly. Is Butcher self-aware enough to know he is responsible for his bad luck? Is the inquiry we pose about him since we find it to be intriguing? Is she self-aware enough to recognize his potential for change? These are some of the fascinating subjects we have discussed for season 4.

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