Jennifer Aniston criticizes the rise of Social Media Influencers

In an interview with Sebastian Stan that Variety arranged, Jennifer Aniston criticized social media influencers.

Sebastian Stan and Jennifer Aniston recently had a conversation as part of Variety’s “ Actors on Actors” series. The two talked about their positions in Pam & Tommy and The Morning Show on this particular occasion. The sex video controversy that Mötley drummer Crüe Lee and his then-wife Pamela Anderson started, which served as the inspiration for the whole narrative of the Stan-starring series, was discussed by the actors throughout their conversation.

People tend to become renowned without accomplishing anything at all. For example, Monica Lewinsky and Paris Hilton. It all occurred, according to Aniston, “just as the internet started to establish a new attitude about individuals being famous.”

I feel so lucky to have had a little taste of the industry before it became what it is today. There are so many streaming services today. You get famous on TikTok; you get famous on YouTube or Instagram. It is almost as if all of this distracts the actor’s work.

The actress then discussed the drawbacks of social media and how it was different from being able to wrap up filming Friends before the introduction of the new technology for communication.

It was much heavier than I thought – the actress said. But I wouldn’t change anything. Whenever we get together, it’s as if time hasn’t passed. We grew up together and taught each other a lot.
We were exploding, and that kind of notoriety was sudden. And we were in these four walls doing the show, and this madness was happening around us. And thank God we got each other because we couldn’t talk about it outside. It was before social media, so we still had some sanity. You look at a table of four people eating today. Usually, three are on the phone, swiping their fingers without thinking.

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