Jensen Ackles will be returning as Soldier Boy in The Boys, Season 4

The Boys is one of the most adored comic book television series; it premiered in 2019. The show quickly became very popular among Comic Book fans not only because of its R-rated violence but also because of the Interesting characters and fantastic storyline. The show is a perfect parody of both Marvel and DC characters. The Season 4 of the show will soon begin filming in Canada.

Among the many interesting characters in the show, the most curious character was Soldier Boy, played by Jensen Ackles, introduced in Season 3, Who was frozen in Russia and believed to have died in the last 50 years. Before Homelander, he was the best superhero in America and the former captain of the superhero squad Payback.

Though we saw in the Finale that with the help of Queen Maeve, Vaught was able to Freeze him again, he might be returning in Season 4.

Karl Urban and Jack Quaid shared a photo on Instagram of themselves toasting the next episodes to signal the start of production.

Jensen Ackles, who portrayed Soldier Boy in the third season, has written, “Pour me a double.. I’m on my way.”. which foreshadows his upcoming appearance on set.

Jensen Ackles confirmed his return to The Boys’ fourth season on Instagram as Soldier Boy.

About the fourth season of The Boys, not much is known. But Ryan, the child of Homelander and Becca Butcher, will tilt the scales in the conflict between Billy and Homelander, the head of the Seven, as creator Eric Kripke previously stated to Variety.