Love and Thunder: 8 Memes That Say It All About Thor and Jane

Thor and Jane are two of the most influential couples in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. So, which memes show just how pure their love was?

Thor: Love and Thunder, mostly about their reunion, has brought back interest in Thor Odinson and Jane Foster’s relationship. Critics have different thoughts about the movie, but many liked how Thor and Jane got along and how that fits into the story.

8. From Thor’s Perspective on Jane

Even though Natalie Portman has been in some of the best movies, she wasn’t in the best Thor movie, which was called “Thor: Ragnarok.” From Thor’s perspective, this is how he would have seen Jane. The meme shows Jane precisely as she was at the time.

7. Thor’s Envy of Jane and the Link Between Mjolnir and Jane

Fans have created memes that sum up Mjolnir’s role in the MCU. One of these memes is about Thor realizing that the hammer now belongs to Jane. In Love and Thunder, one of the funny things about Jane and Thor’s relationship was how he tried to get the hammer back from her.

6. Love Interests Have the Same Ideas

This meme shows how Thor and Jane think about putting on a mask. Thor and Jane both laugh about how awkward they are around other people. Also, the two of them have ideas that are, at best, crazy, but they think they are right.

5. A Warm Friendship

In one of the sneak peeks for She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, she meets someone she likes in her apartment. Teasers for Thor: Love and Thunder suggested that Jane and Thor would have a similar relationship, but Thor did pick up Jane in a similar way in the movie.

4. No one is as good as Thor for Jane.

After she met Thor, Jane’s standards for a partner could never be completed by anyone else, as seen in The Dark World, to get over him but couldn’t, even though a nice guy like Richard liked her. From Jane’s point of view, Thor had won her over for life.

3. The odds didn’t matter to Jane and Thor.

Fans of Thor comics who read them all the time know that Sif is also one of Thor’s main loves. But in the MCU, Jane was the only person Thor loved, which made Odin angry. In The Dark World, the All-father wasn’t too happy with how things were going, and this meme is a funny way to show that.

2. In every universe, Jane and Thor fall in love.

When Jane died, she asked Thor to keep his heart open even after she was gone. This is one of the best lines in the Thor series. Thor and Jane were never only supposed to meet in the Sacred Timeline. The What If…? series showed that they also met in an alternate timeline.

1. How fans react to the story of their love

Almost every fan thought Thor: Love and Thunder would be a funny story where Jane and Thor would get back together. As it turned out, the movie was a sad story about a couple who could never be together again because she died. Few people would have seen that coming.