Better Call Saul: 10 Details you might have missed on Finale

One of the most beautiful series in recent memory comes to an end with Saul Gone. The most recent Better Call Saul episode premiered on Netflix last Tuesday and has now been placed in the archive. Bob Odenkirk did a fantastic job playing the character of Saul Goodman.

But there might be some details you must have missed, So here are 10 Details you might have missed on Finale:

At the start of season 6, A copy of HG Wells, The time machine is shown for a moment in Jimmy’s Mansion. In the final episode, we get to know the notion of time travel, Which Jimmy discusses with Mike and Walter and asks them what they would do if time travel were actual.
We can see the book in the flashback in Chuck’s home.

Kim and Jimmy smoke one last cigarette together as a nod to the first time they were seen sharing a Cigarette.

Mike says he’d go back to December 2001 before changing the date to March 17, 1984. Mik’s son, Named Matty, also a cop, was killed in 2001. Mike thought by going to 2001, he would be able to save him, but instead, he chose to go back to March 17, 1984, When he took his first bribe. Thus putting his loved ones in danger.
Although “The Time Machine” is never mentioned on the show, it has been subtly hinted at through the Finale.

The scene with Chuck in the flashback seems to occur the day before the show aired. In the Finale, Jimmy tells Chucks he might have the financial time. In the Pilot episode, he brings the Financial Times newspaper.

Jimmy asked for Blue Bell Mint chocolate ice cream, A nod to Season 5, Episode 3, The Ant, in which he threw the ice cream.

When talking about Time Travel with Walter, Saul says, “When he was 22, I pulled a Slip and fell outside Marshall Fields. And I was stupid and young, trying to show off, So I hit the ice as fast as I could, I biffed it so hard, I heard a crack! It wasn’t the ice; it was me. I hurt myself. My knees have never been the same.”
Walter replied, ‘So you were always like this, a nod to Chuck calling him ‘Slippin Jimmy.’

Because of his brother Chuck, Saul kept asking Mike and Walter what they would do if they could travel back in time. In a flashback scene, Chuck tells Jimmy, “If you don’t like where you’re heading, there’s no shame in going back and changing your path.”
And Jimmy changed his path. We can also see the book The time machine by HG Wells lying on the table in Chuck’s House.

When Kim leaves the prison, Jimmy points his fingers and silently fires shots her way, a nod to the season five Finale.

Jimmy was seen extradited in Wayfarer Airlines. Wayfarer was a commercial airliner that collided with a chartered plane mid-flight. The disaster occurred right above Albuquerque, New Mexico. As shown in Breaking Bad.

One last Showtime.

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