Blackpink’s Jennie and Kristen Stewart reunite at Paris Fashion Week

Blackpink's Jennie and Kristen Stewart reunite at Parison Fashion Week

For the Paris Fashion Week, Jennie took a plane to France. It’s now Jennie’s turn to demonstrate her presence as Chanel’s worldwide ambassador after Jisoo and Rose.

Blackpink’s Jennie instantly buzzed social media with her alluring look while sporting clothing from the Chanel Spring/Summer 2023 line. She wore a knitted white one-shoulder dress with a cardigan wrapped over her arms.

Jennie, a member of BLACKPINK, has been referred to as Human Chanel since she committed to the company. In 2018, she initially planned to serve as Chanel Korea’s ambassador. She was ultimately designated as a worldwide ambassador that year due to her existence. Likewise, since 2013, Kristen Stewart has served as Chanel’s brand ambassador and muse.

Jennie from BLACKPINK appears more stylish when wearing Chanel’s knee-high black boots. She also had a long neck, highlighted by her high ponytail.

BLACKPINK’s Jennie saw the Chanel fashion show front row with Kristen Stewart from the movie Spencer. Following Paris Fashion Week 2021, the two stars officially met each other for the first time.

At that point, Jennie BLACKPINK appeared in an all-red outfit with a crop top and tweed miniskirt. In addition, Kristen Stewart was wearing a pink jacket.

The two’s communication on social media started as an exchange. But on Tuesday, Kristen Stewart dressed differently than Jennie from BLACKPINK. She donned a similar tweed skirt and a black cardigan with black stripes.

Before the event began, BLACKPINK’s Jennie showcased her sensual style in a white one-shoulder dress on her Instagram account. She also displayed her nail art, which featured vibrant nail paint with the Chanel emblem, and her thin makeup caught the attention of Korean internet users on discussion boards.