What Jesse’s Tattoos Mean and its Relationship with Aaron Paul

What Jesse's Tattoos Mean and its Relationship with Aaron Paul

When discussing this topic, Aaron Paul referred to his tattoos while portraying Jesse Pinkman in the acclaimed Breaking Bad television series.

To portray a character who doesn’t have tattoos, actors may have to cover their own, or they can let makeup professionals cover their tattoos, as Aaron Paul did for his portrayal of Jesse Pinkman.

Jesse Pinkman’s distinctive fashion sense has caught the attention of fans ever since they first encountered him on Breaking Bad. He frequently wore apparel featuring money signs, skulls, or other amusing motifs. Fortunately for Aaron Paul, Jesse’s outfit only needs a little tweaking. Jesse’s tattoos were the only aspect of him that required makeup.

Jesse has three tattoos on his arm: a clown, a snake, and a giant Celtic scorpion, as the five seasons of the television series Breaking Bad made clear. Aaron Paul, who plays Aaron, does not, however, actually have any of these ink.

Paul said that all tattoos “aren’t genuine” in an interview with Vulture in 2012. He stated that after he responded “probably,” the makeup crew asked him whether he believed Jesse would have tattoos and then began randomly selecting pictures from tattoo books for Jesse.

Viewers may believe that the fake tattoos in each frame took time because they are complex. Aaron Paul, however, has responded to fan inquiries regarding his character and shared how long it takes makeup professionals to create a tattoo for each episode. He added the following justification for the quick process:

“‘it’s just a transfer, so they don’t have to draw it. It’s like an adorable version of cookie jar tattoos.”

Aaron Paul noted that each tattoo typically lasts between two and three days and is extremely quick to apply. Naturally, this would be incredibly useful as Jesse’s tattoos must be visible in each scenario.