Michael Mckean explains Chuck’s Cameo in Better Call Saul

Better Call Saul, the adored Breaking Bad spin-off, broadcasted the final episode of its last season two weeks ago on AMC. Many well-known characters made brief appearances during this great episode. Michael McKean was one of them, and he brought back his role of Chuck in a flashback sequence when his character converses with his brother Jimmy. 

Michael McKean discussed the motivations behind this return in a conversation with Variety.

I think the reason Chuck is in the episode is to tell everyone you can’t really go back in time. So you have to make your own decisions on the spot. And we’re back to talking about someone who didn’t make the right choices. This man let many burning old problems set his life on fire, literally and metaphorically. Chuck, at that point, may have gotten a little taste of what the future could be like if shaped the right way. And, of course, “The Time Machine” is about a poorly shaped future.

Maybe it’s about how the future is yours to shape as far as you can. Don’t miss your chance. Now, this is something said by a man [Chuck] who was starting to ruin his future. He just didn’t know. He was getting into trouble because of his various feelings, jealousy, and inability to conquer people like Jimmy. [Chuck watches Jimmy] do what lawyers do, but do it openly and blatantly and get away with it because he’s charming and a little slimy. Chuck, who plays by the rules, was the man who wondered, “If I’m doing things right, why am I feeling so bad?” The past is past, but it’s still with you. What you do with yourself and who you are when you revisit the past can be instructive. I think, in a more limited way,