Why Aaron Paul doesn’t want Lead Roles after Breaking Bad

Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston became well-known thanks to the hit television show Breaking Bad. Still, the truth is that Paul does not appear to like the lead parts in his current filmography.

Breaking Bad debuted in 2008, The program gained enormous popularity once it was added to Netflix. In fact, the series has garnered so much praise from critics over the years that it frequently appears at the top of lists of the greatest TV shows ever produced.

The show stars, Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston, who maintains their modesty despite receiving several job offers, benefited the most from this fame.

The role of Jesse Pinkman, a chef and meth dealer, was played by Aaron Paul. Jesse’s high school chemistry instructor Walter White chooses to work with him to manufacture and market methamphetamine.

This resulted in Better Call Saul, a spin-off that completed airing in 2022 after six seasons, and a Breaking Bad Spin-off movie.

Aaron Paul has subsequently broadened his profile with additional parts, appearing in programs including Bojack Horseman, Westworld on HBO, and The Path on Hulu. Paul also reprised the role in the follow-up El Camino and briefly appeared in the sixth season of Better Call Saul.

Aaron Paul’s portrayal of Jesse Pinkman demonstrates his talent for handling complex storylines, further supported by his career after Breaking Bad.

Paul’s filmography is getting more and more appealing. The actor explained why he doesn’t desire main parts in an interview with The Guardian. However, Paul also acknowledged that he tries to avoid taking on the lead in new ventures and has a sound justification for doing so.

After Breaking Bad, I threw myself into a couple of roles to get on one side or the other.”

Paul explained that they sent me many leading roles, and I didn’t like them.

He said that he prefers parts that require physical exertion and that unconventional ventures appeal to him more than regular ones. He declared, “My heart belongs to independent, hard-core film.” That will appear a lot more frequently in my future work. Like many others who experience unexpected, massive popularity, the actor is more interested in sharpening his talent than becoming a successful movie star.