How Big is Vermithor? Compared to other Dragons in House of the Dragon

How Big is Vermithor? Compared to other Dragons on the show

There are several reasons why House of the Dragon is most likely one of the greatest, if not the best, series of this year. The fact that we are witnessing a time where dragons and their riders are prevalent in everyday life in Westeros is one of the series’ distinguishing features. And during the season, several other dragons were presented to us. In the upcoming episode, we will also meet a new dragon; find out below who Vermithor is and what happens to him in the plot.

House of the Dragon presents Vermithor, the Bronze Fury.

Vermithor is depicted in the texts as a bronze dragon with “huge tan wings,” The only dragons able to outgrow the bronze dragons were Balerion and Vhagar.

The Targaryen king Jaehaerys I rode Vermithor. After the Old King passed away, he stayed unmounted and established a long-term residence in one of the Dragonmont’s smoky caverns. A small preview of Vermithor’s appearance in the series may be seen in a teaser, hinting that Daemon will be riding Vermithor.

Check out the official teaser for the Finale of House of the Dragon.

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