Breaking Bad, but set in Italy | VIDEO

Breaking Bad Italy

Breaking Bad has undeniably become an integral part of pop culture, inspiring masterpieces like this AI-generated video.

It has been a decade since the iconic television series Breaking Bad concluded with its legendary finale, “Felina,” which aired on September 29, 2013. Despite the passage of time, the show’s fanbase remains devoted and continues to find inspiration to create remarkable works of art.

Today, we highlight a remarkable video crafted by the YouTube channel demonsflyingfox, which ingeniously employs Artificial Intelligence to reimagine Breaking Bad in the setting of Sicily, Italy.

Through this video, viewers can witness the familiar characters of Walter, Jesse, Gus, Hank, and others embroiled in a narrative heavily influenced by The Godfather. Additionally, iconic quotes from the original series, such as the famous “I am the one who knocks,” are seamlessly incorporated into the video.

Watch Breaking Bad, but set in Italy