The Rings of Power: How the Final Episode Reveals Sauron’s True Identity

The Rings of Power: How the Final Episode Reveals Sauron's True Identity

The Rings of Power’s first season’s concluding episode revealed to all spectators Sauron’s real identity, at last, something that all fans were eagerly waiting for.

The first season of The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power on Amazon Prime is outweighed by the Dark Lord Sauron. Nearly 5,000 years before Bilbo, Frodo, and the Fellowship’s travels in Midst-earth, the trilogy is set in the middle of the Second Age.

Few people anticipated the series would identify Sauron so early, despite rumors that Sauron would be hinted to. Since Adar was initially presented as the “Lord of the Southlands” in the seventh episode of the first season, it is evident that the antagonist wasn’t lurking behind the scenes; instead, he was staring the viewers in the face.

The Rings of Power ends with a disturbing revelation that will catch many readers off guard. A mysterious trio of witches who think the Stranger the audience sees is Lord Sauron catch him when he falls from the sky on a meteorite. Fans contend that the Outsider is a wizard, possibly Gandalf or the Blue Wizard, sent from above to slay Middle-swiftly earth’s spreading evil.

Fans didn’t have to wait long to learn who the actual designer of the One Ring was after being duped by the Stranger. Halbrand rapidly becomes more intimate with Lord Selebrimbor after returning to Eregion and receiving what everyone considers to be the required therapy.

Galadriel learns that Halbrand is playing with her and is not actually from the Southlands when he deftly manipulates the elf inventor, revealing that Halbrand is the person Galadriel has been searching for her entire life—Sauron.

Halbrand doesn’t object when Galadriel informs him of the truth. He intensifies his attempt to trick him by asserting that he never lied and that Galadriel only declined to look for a solution.

But Sauron tempts her with her might and offers to make her his queen so they can reign alongside one another. It’s interesting to note that it’s unclear if her love for Galadriel inspired this offer or whether it was just a scheme to increase her control.

At his core, Sauron is a perfectionist who aspires to recreate Middle-earth in his likeness. This psychotic individual is a master of deceit, and once he gets his Ring on someone, nobody can stop him. He will always reign as king of the Southlands, but not in the capacity that Theo and the locals had anticipated.