Better Call Saul: Season 6 New Teaser Highlight’s the Future of Kim Wexler

The second part of the highly anticipated final season of Better Call Saul will arrive on Netflix on July 11th . Fans are eager to hear how the adventures of Jimmy and Kim will end and to find out how this story will relate to that of Breaking Bad . To further increase fan hype, the show’s social media accounts have released a short, cryptic Teaser. In fact, we can see a lit candle as we listen to Kim’s voice reciting her sworn statement to a United States court.

Dozens and dozens of speculation have started on the web as to why this speech is given. Could it be the process in which Kim risks losing her license due to the illegal acts she committed with Jimmy ? In any case, what we will see during that process is very likely to be the cause that will take Kim away from Saul, as we have known him in Breaking Bad .

So we just have to wait to see the latest episodes of Better Call Saul to discover the meaning of these words spoken by Kim. 

Bob Odenkirk, also explained that at the end of the series we will see many moments related to Gene Takovic , the new identity to which Saul gave life after the events of  Breaking Bad .

I think we will see a lot of black and white scenes in the last season. You will see many moments of madness as everything falls apart. I like to think that we have learned something about how to manage our aspirations, ambitions in everything that has happened, including what we saw in Breaking Bad. We’ll learn more about Gene, how he acts as another knowledgeable person who has lost everything – at least once. I wonder what Gene will do to protect himself or to react to the world

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