Breaking Bad: Jonathan Banks on Mike Ehrmantraut’s Biggest Mystery

Breaking Bad: Jonathan Banks on Mike Ehrmantraut's Biggest Mystery

Fans of the Breaking Bad spinoff Better Call Saul can only speculate about the unresolved issues that remain now that the series has ended.

Although Better Call Saul somewhat clarified Jonathan Banks’ character and Mike Ehrmantraut’s history, many unanswered questions remain. Banks have reflected these possibilities, so fans are not the only ones who ponder what may have been.

Banks previously spoke about Mike’s past at a Breaking Bad reunion. Since the hitman and crime scene fixer doesn’t receive much physical affection, the actor is most interested in learning about Mike’s romantic history.

Banks is particularly curious about his son’s mother because her absence from Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul has never been addressed.

Mike had a crush on who? You don’t touch Mike, so why? He would practically pass out under that delicacy and touch if that person from the past only touched him on the shoulder. My son had a mother, which was the thing that truly disappointed me. Who was what? And I really wanted to see that character enter.

Many Better Call Saul fans have suggested a new prequel series depicting Mike Ehrmantraut’s earlier years as a corrupt police officer in Pennsylvania on social media following the show’s end.

If a project like that were ever approved, a new actor would undoubtedly be chosen in the lead role, but Banks might appear in flash-forward scenes. There are no signs that AMC is considering a series similar to this, but if it ever materializes, we could learn the answers to Banks’ inquiries.