This ‘Friends’ Fan Theory suggests Monica Cheated on Chandler

This 'Friends' Fan Theory suggests Monica Cheated on Chandler

People like reading about fan theories for this 1990s comedy proves how well-liked it is. A strong fan theory may fill narrative gaps or help viewers view a show differently. Numerous intriguing fan theories surround Friends, ranging from viewers never seeing Phoebe’s legs to Rachel and Ross, a misfit couple.

Although fans like Chandler and Monica, there is a suggestion that she could have cheated on him. Let’s examine this approach.

Ross and Rachel come to mind first when Friends viewers discuss the show’s most favored couple. Ross and Rachel had several issues over multiple seasons, leading some fans to question whether Ross was a good match for Rachel.

On the other hand, Chandler and Monica had a very uncomplicated relationship with regular ups and downs and anxious periods. Since they’ve always had a great relationship, one fan hypothesis suggests that Monica cheated on Chandler.

The Theory

“Most would agree that Chandler surely won’t cheat on Monica, but there were plenty of indicators that made me think Monica could have cheated on Chandler,” said a fan in a Reddit post.

In the sixth season episode, “The One With The Proposal,” Chandler was about to ask Monica to marry him when Richard showed up, which is a bit weird given that she was in a committed relationship with Chandler. They indicated there are various reasons why Monica may potentially cheat on Chandler.

A great flirt, Monica was spotted by the fan, particularly in a season five episode, the fan added. “It’s not technically cheating,” the fan said, “but she did dispute the moral basis.”

There was a Reddit thread response claiming that Monica didn’t treat Chandler as well as she might have, although some fans are unsure that she would do this. It’s not just these things, the fan said, adding, “Finally, someone else sees this! She continues degrading him and acts as he could never get anyone else and that she is too wonderful for him. It’s not just these things.”