Ross wasn’t supposed to say Rachel at the Altar, It was David’s Fault

Friends has been making viewers laugh for years, one of the funniest comedy series ever appearing on television. The 90s comedy television series set in Manhattan is about six friends who experience nearly every aspect of life together, including love, marriage, divorce, having children, heartbreaks, new jobs, losing those jobs, and so on. Friends’ final episode aired in 2004.

One of the show’s most memorable moments is when Ross says Rachel’s name at the altar instead of Emily’s. Ross and Emily are slated to get married at the end of Season 4. Even if Rachel doesn’t tell Ross, she loves him as intended when she arrives at the wedding at the last minute. It still impacts Ross’s consideration about his marriage with Emily, and therefore he ends up saying, “I take thee, Rachel,” rather than “I take thee, Emily.”

Ross didn’t intend to say, Rachel. The show’s writer admits in a rediscovered interview on social media that it was never meant to occur at all. We never knew how it would end, the writer claimed about the storyline between Ross and Emily. We had trouble with it and were unable to resolve it. Then there was the day David Schwimmer entered the room during a recording.

His line was to inform Emily that the cab was waiting for him downstairs. However, he entered and said, “I have the cab waiting, Rachel” Oh shoot, sorry, let me start again’.

He then left again, and we sort of thought, “Well, that’s what should happen. But David slipped up, so it simply happened.