Friends: The Creators regretted the Decision to Put Joey and Rachel Together

Friends’ creators tried pairing the shows’ main characters many times. Unfortunately, only one pair (Monica and Chandler) really worked, and it was the one that fans least anticipated.

Friends made viewers laugh with unexpected events while depicting the challenging lives of six friends who learned to live as adults together. Rachel, Ross, Joey, Chandler, Monica, and Phoebe reveal their personal lives to show that happiness is possible no matter what.

Some of these pals crossed paths and developed romantic relationships, such as Monica and Chandler (Courteney Cox and Matthew Pery). They, by luck, developed into lovers before becoming boyfriends and then spouses.

However, not every romance in the series was a success. Although Ross and Rachel (David Schwimmer and Jennifer Aniston) decide to get back together in the end, the fact is that the audience lost interest in the couple’s love story at one point in the narrative.

Though, The romance between Joey (Matt LeBlanc) and Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) was one of the most well-known plots fans hated, which went over for three punishing seasons. They made a pathetic effort to make that new couples work. Understanding that they will always regard one other as friends only. Fans and critics complained that the performers lacked on-screen chemistry and that the relationship was illogical in theory and practice.

David Crane, the program’s co-creator, said that the actors had also complained about the relationship between Rachel and Joey, claiming it was similar to falling in love with a sibling.

Following the backlash, David Crane said in an interview with the Radio Times that he was aware of the idea’s divisiveness and wanted the Friends characters to test it out because he knew it would be problematic. He believes that no matter how much you love someone, you will not always be in that relationship. This is especially true in real life.