Friends: The Only Boyfriend of Rachel Green who Loved her for who She was

Friends: The Only Boyfriend of Rachel Green who Loved her for who she was

Friends was a comedy sitcom that received praise from critics for its storyline and acting. Jennifer Aniston’s, who played Rachel Green, one of the most adored characters on the show, brought her widespread acclaim and led to a successful acting career that got her a nomination for Golden Globe and an Emmy.

In the television series Friends, Jennifer Aniston plays Rachel Green, Monica Geller’s naïve and flirty friend. She was in love with Ross Geller and had a daughter with him. The latter made her way into the fashion industry with the help of her expertise, determination, and the support of her six friends, who never left her alone.

Rachel dated a variety of men, including the infamous and despised Paolo, her fiancé Barry, Danny, Chip, Paul, Russ, Joshua, Gavin, Tag, Joey, and, of course, the love of her life, Ross, with whom he returns to have a stable relationship at the show’s conclusion.

Of all these guys, only one genuinely deserved her and loved her for who she was. It centers on Joey Tribiani, who, after Friends, just as Rachel became pregnant with Ross’ daughter Emma, learns he has emotions for her longtime friend Rachel.

Even if their romance on Friends fizzles out, it’s the healthiest and happiest situation. For them to work as a romantic partnership, the two must develop their bond as a friendship.

They like living together so much that when Rachel gets pregnant with Emma, Joey chooses to forgo sex with anybody to assist Rachel in caring for the child rather than forcing her to leave.

Unfortunately, Joey and Rachel never get past the kissing stage. Doing this was a means of appeasing the viewers who wanted Rachel to wed Ross because there was no way that the two didn’t have chemistry.