Matthew Perry Vs. Matt LeBlanc: Who has a Higher Net Worth?

Matthew Perry Vs. Matt LeBlanc: Who has a Higher Net Worth?

The classic team of Chandler Bing and Joey Tribbiani from Friends, Matt LeBlanc and Matthew Perry, will always be together. They were the definition of a bromance and best friends because of their on-screen chemistry, which made them such a lovely couple. 

It would be interesting to discover which of the two Matts will genuinely have a more considerable net worth in 2021 after all these years. Fortunately for you, we know the solution.

How Much Did Matt LeBlanc And Matthew Perry Make In Friends?

The central characters on Friends were being paid $1 million each episode by the time the show ended. The Friends cast members could also get a portion of the program’s royalties of around $20 million annually. 

And to cap it all off, the Friends Reunion rewarded the entire ensemble between $2 and $3 million.

Matt LeBlanc’s Net Worth

Following Friends, Matt LeBlanc went on to star in his own two-season Friends spin-off, Joey. However, he has had few movie appearances since the popular 10-season series ended.

LeBlanc returned to television in 2016 as the main character in ‘Man with a Plan, for which he earned $200,000 per episode throughout its four seasons. He also Hosted a season of Top Gear which he received $2 Million

In conclusion, Matt LeBlanc’s estimated net worth is about $85 million.

Matthew Perry’s Net Worth

The third-highest earning among the six Friends is Matthew Perry. He ultimately obtained prominent film parts. After Friends came to an end, Matthew Perry focused on investment. He has stakes in real estate, including a Hollywood penthouse that sold for roughly $15 million. Despite his extensive history of substance misuse, the actor has a respectable net worth of $120 million.