Friends: Janice 10 Most Memorable Moments

Janice Memorable Moments Friends

Janice Litman Goralnik is a recurring character in the American TV sitcom Friends. Janice is known for her signature catchphrase, “Oh. My. God!” and her on-and-off relationship with Chandler Bing. 

Janice has appeared in several episodes across the show’s ten seasons and has provided some of the funniest moments. From her iconic entrance in season one to her hilarious exit in season ten, Janice has left a lasting impression on show fans. 

Janice 10 Most Memorable Moments on Friends


In a throwback to the show’s first season, Chandler and Janice rekindle their relationship in Season 4 after Janice’s divorce. Despite his best efforts to end things with her, Chandler struggles to break up with her again. Finally, he resorts to extreme measures and tells her that he has been transferred to Yemen, prompting him to take a plane to the Middle East. The audience is left wondering what happened to Chandler once he landed in Yemen.

Chandler tries to break up with Janice

Janice is first introduced as Chandler’s girlfriend, who he struggles to break up with throughout the first season of “Friends.” Despite multiple attempts to end things with her, Chandler is always stopped by some unforeseen circumstance. 

In a moment of desperation, he enlists the help of Phoebe, who has a reputation for skillfully ending relationships without any drama. To Chandler’s relief, Phoebe succeeds in doing what he couldn’t and part ways with Janice effortlessly. It’s a shame we’ll never know the words of wisdom that Phoebe used to accomplish this feat!

Chandler’s Blind Date is Janice

Joey manages to convince Chandler to be his date for a double date with a beautiful woman who insists that her friend accompany them. As luck would have it, the friend turns out to be Janice, much to Chandler’s chagrin. Though they initially find each other unbearable, they end up having a good time after a few drinks. 

But the following day, Chandler realizes that Janice wants something more serious than he does when she arrives with candy hearts and talks of a relationship. He breaks up with her again, but to his surprise, Janice takes it well and predicts they will meet again soon. Her prediction comes true, much to the delight of her admirers.

Chandler breaks the promise by inviting Janice to a New Year party.

As the new year begins, Ross, Rachel, Chandler, Joey, Monica, and Phoebe find themselves feeling anything but celebratory, acutely aware of the absence of love in their lives. In a joint decision, they agreed they would only bring a date to the New Year’s party hosted at Monica and Rachel’s apartment. 

However, Chandler, consumed by his fear of being alone, is the first to break the pact in spectacular fashion, inviting his ex-girlfriend Janice. The ensuing chaos is hilarious as Janice brings her trademark cackle and friendly demeanor to the party, amplified by a glass of champagne, much to the dismay of her date. 

Janice dates Ross

Ross becomes depressed and sullen after learning that his ex-wife is getting married. His constant venting annoys his friends, but in a moment of weakness, he spends the night with a woman he just met. The group is stunned to learn that the woman is Janice and even more surprised when Ross admits that he enjoys spending time with her and finds her to be a good listener. Janice unintentionally helps Ross snap out of his self-pity by bluntly telling him that his whining is getting on her nerves. Before leaving, Janice turns on her charm and flirts with Joey, telling him he’s next on her radar.

In a delivery room

Rachel is in labor and growing increasingly frustrated as she waits in the hospital’s waiting room. Many other women come and go, but the nurse assures her that the next woman to arrive is pretty close. As fate would have it, the woman is none other than Janice, pregnant with her first child with her new husband. They are in for a long wait together, and Janice’s distinct nasal voice adds an interesting sound to her contractions. When Janice mentions that her new husband is partially deaf, Rachel and Ross assume that’s why they’re together, and the audience can’t help but burst into laughter.

Chandler’s mysterious online girl is Janice.

Once again, Chandler finds himself bitten by the love bug after striking up a conversation with a woman he met online. Despite learning that she is married, Phoebe urges him to meet her anyway. To Chandler’s shock, his mystery woman turns out to be Janice, who lets out her signature “Oh my God” cry upon seeing him. Chandler kisses her without hesitation, marking their relationship’s first start without turmoil. However, the biggest surprise of the night is yet to come.

Chandler is pretending he is still in love with Janice.

Despite their breakup years ago and Chandler being engaged to Monica, Janice remains persistent in Chandler’s life. Monica accidentally runs into her at work and informs her about their upcoming wedding. Janice assumes she is invited and feels privileged to be considered close enough to attend. 

However, when Chandler and Monica reveal that it will be an intimate ceremony with only family, Janice is disappointed but accepts their decision. Nevertheless, Monica must find a tactful way to prevent Janice from showing up at their wedding, and she is willing to take any necessary measures to make that happen.

Monica and Chandler’s potential neighbor

Monica and Chandler are in the market for a house in the suburbs and decided to casually check out a nearby house that’s for sale to vet their potential neighbors. To their surprise, Janice shows up at their doorstep, also interested in buying the house. Chandler and Monica try to discourage her, but Janice remains blissfully unaware of her unwelcomeness, leading to some comedic moments.