Maisie Williams Recalls ‘Traumatic Relationship’ with her Father

maisie williams traumatic relationship with her dad

Maisie Williams garnered the audience’s love due to her outstanding performance as Arya Stark in the “Game of Thrones” television series. She did not, however, have an easy childhood. As a youngster, she had a problematic parental connection, as she said in a remark on Steven Bartlett’s “Diary of a CEO” podcast.

“I, as a young child before the age of eight, had a traumatic relationship with my dad, That really consumed a lot of my childhood. Ever since I can remember, I’ve really struggled sleeping. And I think a lot of the traumatic things that were happening, I didn’t realize that they were wrong.”

Maisie Williams could not contain her tears as she described this challenging personal event. Her parents divorced when she was only 4 months old, but she did not become aware of the severity of the situation until she was eight. Teachers took action to stop these acts after learning about her safety.

“I had reached an unsustainable point and when I was at school a teacher asked me what was going on. She asked me if I had breakfast, I told her no. She asked me if I had breakfast on other mornings, I told her no. They asked me all the right questions”, tells without being able to avoid getting excited several times, to the point that the presenter stopped to hug her.

The actress admitted, “I’ve been thinking a lot about this. I don’t believe that it’s my fault that these awful things happened when I was a youngster. “I believed it to be. I believed I had a fundamental flaw that everyone who experienced grief might imagine.” Fortunately, Williams says she is happier now.

Her first significant acting opportunity occurred at the age of 12 with the series based on the George RR Martin novels. She was deeply engrossed by an event, which led her to abandon her academics immediately and focus only on her acting training. She also made a fleeting cameo in the “Doctor Who” series.

In an interview for GQ, the actress acknowledged that she was a little frustrated with her work on the series. When she was younger and acting out a character, she saw how she did not take things as seriously.

Williams admitted that, in the end, she was relieved to no longer have to see her father, although she continued to experience conflicted feelings.

“You can feel so liberated and free and at the same time, just like that impending doom is kind of still there,” she said.