Jennifer Aniston went to Therapy after her Divorce from Brad Pitt

Ellen DeGeneres guest Jennifer Aniston talks about her divorce from Brad Pitt and the end of her experience with Friends. On the talk show hosted by Ellen DeGeneres, the star said that she went to therapy to face a moment of such significant change and that she saw everything as a new opportunity.

2005 was a genuinely tumultuous year for Jennifer Aniston’s personal and professional life. A few months later, the actress had to deal with the end of Friends, the legendary sitcom in which she starred for ten years, and her divorce from her husband Brad Pitt, with whom she had been married for about seven years.

Well, I got divorced and went into therapy. And then I made a film called I hate you, I leave you, you…. I just got close to the end. And I thought, “You know what, guys? Let’s make this a whole new chapter in my life. Let’s put an end to everything and start over ”. It worked great

After nearly five years of marriage, Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt announced that they would separate in January 2005, ending their divorce in October of that year. But there are absolutely no hard feelings among exes. 

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