Matthew Perry’s last 7 Instagram post about Batman, Explained

Matthew Perry last 7 Instagram post about Batman Explained

Comic brilliance often harbors a shadowy counterpart, a truth well understood by Matthew Perry. The beloved star of “Friends” met an untimely demise at the age of 54, having grappled with a prolonged struggle against addiction to prescription medications and drink.

Despite his battles, Perry was celebrated for his comedic prowess, known for his razor-sharp humor and command of sarcasm, endearing him to millions as an iconic figure.

These two aspects of his character, seemingly at odds yet intricately intertwined, undoubtedly facilitated his ability to relate to another iconic figure, one from the world of cinema and comic books: Batman.

Matthew Perry’s last 7 Instagram post about Batman

Notably, Perry’s final Instagram post, merely five days before his passing, playfully identified him as “Mattman,” accompanied by a photograph depicting him relaxing in his outdoor hot tub at his Los Angeles residence.

Sadly, this scorching tub would become the site of his tragic demise on October 28, according to local law enforcement sources.

This last post wasn’t the sole hint of Perry’s infatuation with Batman; his preceding six posts alluded to the caped crusader. The initial post in this series, shared a week before his passing, featured a home cinema room equipped with three screens displaying the latest Batman film.

Other posts showcased the iconic bat symbol in various settings, even carved into a Halloween pumpkin, with Perry humorously referring to himself as “Mattman.” 

The American-Canadian actor openly celebrated his adoration for the comic book character, a motif vividly apparent in his 2022 memoir, “Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing,” with the final chapter aptly titled “Batman.”

In his autobiography, Perry playfully disclosed his habit of calling an assistant “Alfred,” who reciprocated by addressing him as “Mr. Wayne” after Bruce Wayne. He also shared how he envisioned his father as Superman and himself as the dark knight.

As Perry approached the release of his memoir, he further reinforced his Batman obsession in an interview with GQ. He candidly confessed that he acquired a sprawling LA penthouse spanning 10,400 square feet solely because it resembled Christian Bale’s Batman residence in “The Dark Knight.” His reasoning at the time was whimsical: “Bruce Wayne had a penthouse, so I’m going to have one.”

During the interview, Perry revealed plans for a dedicated “Matt cave” in his new house, with a pool table, a large TV, and a black sofa encircled by shelves laden with Batman memorabilia. 

When questioned about the roots of his obsession, he playfully claimed, “I am Batman.” He further expounded, drawing parallels between himself and the character: both were affluent loners who drove sleek, black automobiles. Although he humorously acknowledged not being a crime-fighter, he asserted, “I’ve saved people’s lives.”

In a segment of GQ’s “10 things I can’t live without,” Perry revealed more about his fascination with Batman. He confessed to owning an excessive amount of Batman merchandise and cheekily concluded.

Matthew Perry’s last 7 Instagram post about Batman, Explained

From all of this, it is clear that Perry was going to dress up as Batman this year for Halloween. Fans of friends might remember Season7, Episode 20 “The One With Rachel’s Big Kiss,” Chandler goes to Ralph Lauren, where Rachel works to find a tuxedo for the wedding, 

Rachel shows Chandler celebrity-worn tuxedos, including one by Pierce Brosnan, inspiring his desire to wed in James Bond’s tux. However, his coolness is challenged when Rachel unveils a Val Kilmer Batman tux for Ross. And thus his famous quote, “Ross is Batman.”