Friends alternate Dark Ending created by an AI will give you Nightmares

Friends alternate Dark Ending AI

An alternate ending for Friends was created by artificial intelligence, which painted a bleak picture for the characters. Despite the show’s immense success, which captivated viewers for ten seasons, the AI’s ending would have left fans depressed.

Friends was a groundbreaking comedy that recently released a special episode and remained one of the most-watched programs on the HBO Max platform. The great narrative of this NBC show marked a before and after for television like Seinfeld. The success of Friends was also due to the hard work of its cast members, who earned their place in the hearts of viewers with their exceptional performances.

The Friends finale aired in 2004, but the show remains popular almost 20 years later. Fans felt satisfied with the ending, but a Reddit user’s request for an AI to write an alternate, more realistic ending shook things up.

Friends alternate Dark Ending created by an AI will give you Nightmares

The resulting scenario depicted the friends growing apart in their thirties, with Joey struggling to make ends meet and falling into depression while Chandler’s demanding job causes tension with Monica. Ross and Rachel’s relationship hits a rough patch and eventually ends, and Phoebe turns to drugs to cope with disillusionment with the music industry.

The once tight-knit group drifts apart over the years, only meeting occasionally for coffee. The final scene shows Joey alone in Central Perk, looking at his empty cup as the camera pans to show the deserted cafeteria, symbolizing the emptiness in his life.

The theme song plays in the background with a sad and melancholy sound, reminding viewers that even the strongest friendships can fade over time. This realistic but depressing ending upset many comedy fans who preferred the original finale.