Why Matthew Perry Hated This Episode of Friends?

Why Matthew Perry Hated This Episode of Friends?

In a memorable scene from Friends, Joey and Chandler relax in their brand-new leather recliners. Still, the authentic chair plot did not appeal to Matthew Perry, who hated the idea.

This insight came to light when the Friends cast toured the show’s iconic sets in the Friends reunion special. They recreated the exact scene with Matthew Perry and Matt LeBlanc.

Matthew Perry disliked the Barcalounger idea. The episode best known as the start of Ross and Rachel’s relationship is “The One Where Ross and Rachel…You Know.”

However, another plotline in the episode takes place only in Joey’s flat, which serves as the home for all key characters. In the episode, Joey buys Chandler and himself a giant screen TV and two classic leather chairs.

The roommates sink into their new chairs with dramatic enthusiasm. The other friends cannot convince the pair to get out despite their best efforts.

The Reason Why Matthew Perry Hated the Barcalounger

Perry wasn’t initially fond of the concept because it was a simple plot device. Matt brought up their memorable episode as he and LeBlanc were sitting in the chairs during the filming of the Friends reunion.

“Do you recall the beginning of the week after the table draft, You came to me, and you go, ‘It’s so ridiculous!'” he said. “And I was like, ‘Yeah, but that’s the cleverness.'”

LeBlanc said that once he pointed out the episode’s possibility, Perry seemed to warm up to the idea. “You were like, ‘Oh, maybe we can have fun with this,'” he reminded Perry. Matthew ultimately fell in love with the episode after some time.

However, nothing throughout the episode compares to when they initially sit down, particularly the sounds that go with it. It’s odd to believe that Matthew Perry was apprehensive about having it happen. Yet, it ended up being one of the most notable moments for Joey and Chandler throughout Friends.