Friends Fan Theory Suggests that Richard Sabotage Chandler’s Proposal on Purpose

Friends Fan Theory Suggests that Richard Sabotage Chandler's Proposal on Purpose

Monica and Chandler are one of the Friends’ cutest couples. Although Chandler’s plan to propose to Monica turned out to be a disaster, the storyline ended up being one of the most enduring on the program. 

The narrative and the characters presented are the subjects of several thoughts and interpretations in response to this. However, one view holds that Richard started it all by seeking to sabotage Chandler’s proposal.

Richard reportedly knew Chandler would propose when they first met at the restaurant, according to a Reddit theory. So he did all in his power to ruin this important event.

The idea is that Richard is egotistical and wouldn’t give a damn if he ruined a proposal or Monica’s happiness to gain one last chance with her. Richard’s declaration of love seems artificial, and it’s hard to think he’s changed his mind about being a father once more.

In season 6, episode 24, chandler checks if the ring is in his suit jacket pocket around the 8 minutes 20-second mark, and then Richard walks in with his date, and chandler gives him a hug around the 9 minutes and 38-second mark, and it’s obvious he can feel the ring/ box. That’s when he knows Monica is going to be gone forever, and it’s his last chance to get her back. That’s why his biggest promise is to marry her and have kids. That’s why in the same episode, when the waiter says this table is open right next to them, Richard accepts because he knows chandler won’t do it if he is right there.

Monica and Chandler are one the fan-favorite couple of the show. Viewers usually argue regarding their relationships with each other. Some individuals think the main characters may have done better with different partners.