Better Call Saul | 10 Most Heartbreaking Quotes

Better Call Saul | 10 Most Heartbreaking Quotes

Nacho calls his dad



After Nacho’s plan to kill the Salamancas with the help of Gus Fring doesn’t go as planned, Nacho accepts his fate of what is about to come. In his final days, he calls his father, and though there is not much conversation between the two, The whole scene is purely emotional.

When I Knew Him, He Was



After signing divorce papers, Kims leave Saul’s office and meets Jesse Pinkman. Pinkman asks Kim if this Saul guy is any good?, to which Kim replies, “When I knew himhe was.” 

You Gangsters And Your Justice. You’re All The Same



Following Nachos’s death, Mike hurries to inform Manuel about his son and threatens the Salamancas with retaliation. Manuel dismisses Mike’s pledge as a never-ending cycle of murder and tells him that he is just like the gangs he hangs up with.

There Are So Many Stars Visible In New Mexico



Werner Ziegler was one of the show’s most likable characters; He was a kind man who performed an excellent job. Still, homesickness and stress led him to make confident choices that Gus did not like, especially after he mistakenly revealed information to Lalo regarding the lab’s progress. His fate is what was not expected by anyone.

You’re Not A Real Lawyer



Jimmy finds out that Chuck, who never genuinely despised his brother but fervently loathed the things he did, was the one who stopped him from continuing to work on the Sandpiper case and from joining HHM.

I Trusted You



One of Jimmy’s final ploys is to coerce Jeff’s mother, Marion, into approaching him so Jeff, the taxi driver, won’t discover who Jimmy is. After discovering Gene’s past advertising online, she says something that appears to touch home for him before pressing her Life Alert button.

I Love You Too, But So What?



After the death of Howard Hamlin, because of the consequences of Jimmy and Kim, Kim decides to leave everything so that no further harm could come to anyone, as she quote, “Apart, we’re okay. But together, we’re poison.”

S’all Good, Man!



After failing to do so, Jimmy persuades the appeals board to reinstate his legal license with the help of an emotional statement in which he shows sorrow over Chuck’s demise and recognizes Chuck’s effect. But in the end, everything turns out to be a complete deception. 

After finding that Jimmy won’t continue to practice under the McGill name, Kim expresses shock and confusion before Jimmy responds with one of his catchphrases.

You two are soulless



Jimmy and Kim pranked a lot with Howard Hamlin to bring his image as one of the most excellent Lawyers at HMM. Not only they made him look like a drug addict but also like a man who wh*res around. But in the final season, the pranks went too far, and Howard lost his life because of Jimmy and Kim.

Broke My Boy, I Broke My Boy


Mike Ehrmantraut was one of the most one-dimensional characters on the show; everyone had many thoughts about his mysterious past. But when he revealed how he convinced his son to take a bribe, but his partners killed him anyway to keep him from revealing any secrets, It was the most heartbreaking moment on the show.