Better Call Saul | The Props the Cast took Home after the Series Finale

Better Call Saul | The Props the Cast took Home after the Series Finale

After seven years on the air, Better Call Saul’s Final Episode ended on August 15, 2022, and the cast recalls the filming in particular ways. Even the principal cast members acknowledged in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that they brought specific memories with them. Given their attachment to their roles, some of the performers’ choices could surprise some people.

So here are The Props Better Call Saul Cast took Home after the Series Finale

Bob Odenkirk | Saul Goodman/ Jimmy” McGill

Bob Odenkirk brought a peculiar item from the Better Call Saul set. He continued to film corny commercials while wearing his character’s black Panavision hat in the third season. It was a joyous moment for the character, according to Odenkirk.

Patrick Fabian | Howard Hamlin

Patrick Fabian took Home a pen explicitly made for the presentation by HHM. 

Michael McKean | Chuck McGill

Michael McKean, who played the character, preserved a few books from his extensive library.

Michael Mando | Nacho

Michael Mando requested permission to remove a “silver ring with a lion claw on it” to symbolize Nacho’s lion heart.

Jonathan Banks | Mike Ehrmantraut

According to Jonathan Banks, he never brought any props home. Banks is a present-day person. He desired to have that in his head, leaving everything else behind. When I reflect, it was all overwhelming, but Banks said the final time I went, I tried to put it all behind me.

However, Jonathan Banks did not go home empty-handed from Better Call Saul. He received a miniature version of his character’s automobile from the production team. The line contains several allusions to the show.

Giancarlo Esposito | Gus Fring

Giancarlo Esposito was fortunate enough to save a jacket and a pair of Gus shoes. However, he adds that he also held a few of the stones on the ground in the season 6 moment Gus faced Lalo.

Tony Dalton | Lalo Salamanca

Tony Dalton decided to maintain his character’s mustache, at least temporarily.

Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul | Walter White and Jesse Pinkman

On the other hand, actors from the movie Breaking Bad including Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul also stole some memorabilia. Paul and Cranston each unquestionably received the renowned Heisenberg hat. Along with many other items that made them feel like they should be there to recall this remarkable triumph.