Jennifer Aniston has Zero Regrets about Trying IVF

Jennifer Aniston has Zero Regrets about Trying IVF

According to a report in Allure, Jennifer Aniston has been honest about her pregnancy and separation from Brad Pitt. And also has Zero Regrets about Trying IVF.

In an interview with Allure, Jennifer Aniston revealed, “I’ve been trying to become pregnant for a long time, which has been incredibly stressful and challenging for me. I’ve gone through several IVF cycles and fertility treatments and was doing all that.

I would give him everything if someone had instructed me to freeze my eggs and do myself some good, but I’m still here.

Aniston said, “For many years, I kept my IVF a secret.” Despite how fiercely I guard these areas, I am now being honest. I am emerging from hibernation, and I have nothing to conceal.

Also, Jennifer disclosed that she has passed the stage of pregnancy and is now relieved since she will no longer have to consider it.

Speaking to the media outlet about her divorce, the 53-year-old actress stated. “There are allegations that my spouse left me because I could not give birth, Which is a complete lie.

Jennifer Aniston is currently working on The Morning Show on Apple Plus TV; the second season of this show was only made available. Wherein Jennifer’s performance has drawn applause from all quarters.

The program also stars Reese Witherspoon, Billy Crudup, Mark Duplass, and Jennifer Aniston. The material indicates that Carson oversaw the direction of this project.