10 Fascinating Facts About Breaking Bad

10 Fascinating Facts About Breaking Bad

Fans may need to be made aware of many amazing facts about Breaking Bad, one of the most well-known programs of all time. The critically acclaimed TV show Breaking Bad captured viewers with its complex characters and compelling plotlines. Fans of the series will undoubtedly be surprised and intrigued by these 10 fascinating facts about the program.

10 Fascinating Facts About Breaking Bad

Every famous Network rejected it

The Network HBO, Showtime, TNT, and FX all passed on the show for various reasons. HBO was so unenthusiastic in the show’s idea that they did not bother to tell Vince Gilligan that they declined; Gilligan revealed that he pitched Breaking Bad to HBO and had “the worst meeting he’d ever had.”

Matthew Broderick as Walter White

AMC wanted to cast either Matthew Broderick or John Cusack in the lead role, as they wanted a well-known actor. However, the show’s creator, Vince Gilligan, had previously worked with Bryan Cranston on an episode of The X-Files and believed he was the right fit for the role. Despite initial hesitation from AMC, they eventually agreed after watching the episode and recognizing Cranston’s ability to portray the character’s humanity and complexity. 

Jesse Pinkman wouldn’t have survived Season 1

Jesse Pinkman was originally going to be killed off during the season 1 finale when Vince Gilligan was still creating Breaking Bad. The action was meant to demonstrate that even prominent characters on the program weren’t fully protected. This may have been a story device, causing Walt to feel terrible remorse throughout season 2 and beyond.

Heisenberg was an Inspiration to many people.

Several people have been inspired by the plot of Breaking Bad and have attempted to replicate the production and sale of methamphetamine, including a 74-year-old mathematics professor, a high school science teacher, and a school teacher with cancer. All three individuals used their expertise in chemistry to manufacture and sell the drug, with the latter two even selling it to students.

Someone owns the White Family Home

The house used for Walter White’s home in Breaking Bad belongs to a woman named Fran, who has owned it since 1973. While the show’s creators took some artistic liberties with the house’s interior, they considered covering up the pool. Despite the constant stream of cars passing her home daily, Fran doesn’t mind. It’s unclear if the house has any hidden stashes of methamphetamine.

Vince Gilligan has One Regret about Breaking Bad

Despite the character of Jesse being a meth addict, actor Aaron Paul’s teeth were too perfect for the role. To make his teeth look more realistic for the character, Gilligan considered altering or removing them but ultimately decided against them due to the cost and difficulty of removing natural teeth from actors. As a result, Jesse’s teeth appeared too clean and healthy for someone who used drugs.

Blue Meth is Rock Candy

While the blue methamphetamine featured in Breaking Bad may have looked appealing to some viewers, it was just blue rock candy. This was used on set both as the crystalized form of the dr*g and when the actors were smoking it. It’s worth noting that the actors did not inhale the candy, as it would have been dangerous.

Bryan Cranston cried after filming Jane’s scene

Anna Gunn, who plays Skyler in the series, told Buzzfeed how, after filming the scene, Bryan Cranston broke into an inconsolable cry that lasted about 15 minutes.
I saw my daughter’s face in Jane’s – Cranston told Entertainment Weekly. I thought one of the reasons it would be fitting to save that girl was that she was a young girl. She could have been my daughter. This was enough for my daughter’s face to appear in place of Krysten’s.

Heisenberg is a Nod to a Physicist

The character of Heisenberg, Walter White’s drug kingpin alter ego in Breaking Bad, is named after Werner Heisenberg, a Nobel Prize-winning physicist known for developing the principle of uncertainty.

Bryan Cranston threw the Pizza on the roof in one take