Ana de Armas says, There’s No Need for a Woman to Play James Bond

With No Time to Die, James Bond actor Daniel Craig’s tenure came to an end. Therefore, the series has to choose a new lead character who can continue the actions of the most well-known spy in the entire globe.

On the internet, there is apprehension over the likelihood that this weight would fall on a woman, which would mark a significant transformation in the film industry. However, not everybody supports this theory. The lead character in the most recent 007 movie, Ana de Armas, voiced her disapproval in a recent interview with The Sun.

The actress feels that a female Bond is unnecessary. It shouldn’t be necessary to steal someone else’s identity in order to seize power. This book introduces the reader to James Bond’s imaginary world and the one he lives in. Even if Bond is still a guy, I would want to see more diverse portrayals of women in Bond movies. that they get a bigger role and greater respect. I find that this is more intriguing than turning things on their head.

Daniel Craig agreed that women needed more interesting roles in the renowned franchise when he discussed the potential subversion of gender stereotypes with Radio Times.

Simply put, there ought to be bigger roles for women and minority performers, ” the actress argued. When there should be a role for women that is just as fantastic, why should a woman portray James Bond?

Bond’s future plans are still concealed. Producer Barbara Broccoli did however, reveal that the principal character will get a total makeover.

We are discussing where to go with him and trying to figure it out, he added. Since the following movie will actually be a reinvention of Bond, there is no script and we won’t be able to write one until we determine how to approach it.