Things You Wouldn’t Have Notice In Chandler and Joey’s Apartment

Things You Wouldn't Have Notice In Chandler and Joey's Apartment

Fans of Friends may instantly recognize Joey and Chandler’s apartment. The subtle comic touches throughout the show are scarcely perceptible after so many viewings.

Friends’ rabid viewers would have overlooked many details in Chandler and Joey’s apartment, such as a fantastic model. Everyone remembers the recreation area Joey built, the foosball table Joey used instead of a kitchen table, the goliath white dog, and the film noir banner.

So here are Things You Wouldn’t Have Notice In Chandler and Joey’s Apartment:

Joey and Chandler have two Microwaves

Extremely attentive Friends viewers may have noticed that Joey and Chandler unexpectedly had two microwaves during season 4. Why, people, two microwaves? 
Everyone knows Joey’s love of food; thus, it’s not unlikely he could need two microwaves to cook more meals.

Joey and Chandler’s Apartment Numbers keep Changing In each episode.

Chandler and Joey initially resided in condo number 4, but by the middle of the first season, their address had moved to apartment number 19. 
The identical incident occurred at Monica and Rachel’s condo, but there were between 5 and 20 instances. From the outcome, the showrunners had to make it appear as though they were on a higher floor, but they don’t usually do that. 

Magna Doodle is constantly Changing.

The Magna Doodle that secures the back of Chandler and Joey’s front doorway may have gone unnoticed by viewers. It unexpectedly relocated with Chandler and Joey when they traded condominiums with Monica and Rachel during the third season. It’s an excellent way to place a fun Easter Egg in every scenario.

Thanks for the Stuff

Season 4 opens with Chandler and Joey getting robbed. After some time, Chandler demanded they sell the entertainment center Joey had made for their flat. The robbers write on the board in a considerate manner. Thanks for all your items.