10 Best Matthew Perry Movies Ranked

10 Best Matthew Perry Movies Ranked

Throughout his career, Matthew Perry has been involved in several projects. He has acted in movies despite his primary interests being theater and television.

Perry is best known for playing the charming Chandler Bing on Friends. This role has defined his entire career and is what people will never forget him. Given how well-liked the show was, it’s not bad, but Perry has also played other roles.

So here are 10 Best Matthew Perry Movies Ranked

17 Again (2009)

A former basketball great is given a second chance at life after being changed into a teenager. The main character, who is transported back in time and changes into Zac Efron, can change his life course and how his adult life turned out.

The Whole Nine Yards (2000)

The sequel to The Whole Nine Yards was quite disappointing, but the original film was fun and has since remained very well-liked. It was a brilliant idea for dark humor, and for the most part, it worked to see a criminal get out of jail and try to fit in and live in a suburban area.

The Whole Ten Yards (2004)

The Whole Nine Yards was a very entertaining film that has maintained much of its popularity despite the subpar sequel. For a dark comedy, it was a good idea to see a criminal get released from prison and attempt to fit in and live in a suburban area. For the most part, it worked.

Fools Rush In (1997)

Another romantic comedy starring Matthew Perry is Fools Rush In. Working with Salma Hayek, the pair makes an absurd attempt to turn a one-night stand into a full-fledged marriage.

Serving Sara (2002)

In this romantic comedy, Matthew Perry plays Joe Tyler, a former lawyer who lost his practice when some of his clients joined the Mafia. Behind the scenes, Perry was forced to leave the filming midway through because he needed to get help for his opioid addiction.

She’s Out Of Control (1989)

The comedy film She’s Out of Control centers on a family, particularly a father who must accept that his daughter is growing up and beginning to date. The plot had potential (even though, by today’s standards, it is very dated), with the father having to teach his daughter morals while fending off various young men.

Three To Tango (1999)

A couple of designers, Oliver Platt and Perry, are given a tremendous opportunity to work with a wealthy tycoon in the 1999 film Three To Tango. Things become complicated when Perry’s character develops feelings for his boss’s girlfriend.

Almost Heroes (1998)

To reach the Pacific Ocean before Clark and Lewis, a group of explorers embarks on an unfortunate expedition, which serves as the plot’s primary focus. From Chris Farley and Eugene Levy to Matthew Perry himself, the cast of Almost Heroes features a talented group of actors. In the end, Almost Heroes had a severe comedic deficit.

A Night In The Life of Jimmy Reardon (1988)

Matthew Perry played a massive role in A Night In The Life Of Jimmy Reardon before he became famous because of Friends. A timeless teen comedy with River Phoenix as the lead character lamenting the end of his high school career.