Did You Know: Bob Odenkirk, Patrick Fabian and Michael Mckean made a Cameo in Friends?

Did You Know: Bob Odenkirk, Patrick Fabian and Michael Mckean made a Cameo in Friends?

One of the finest recent dramas is, without a doubt, Better Call Saul. After six seasons on air on the AMC network, the crime drama that debuted in 2015 as the precursor to Breaking Bad met its terrible end. 

The last episode of the series uncovered Jimmy McGill’s destiny with his crimes and how they affected other people’s lives. Especially of Chuck, his brother, and Howard Hamlin, his associate at Hamlin, Hamlin & McGill, both end up losing their lives because of his actions. 

All these great actors have appeared in several films and Tv shows. But Bob Odenkirk, Patrick Fabian, and Michael Mckean, in particular, made a Cameo in one of the most famous Sitcoms of all time. You guessed it right; It was Friends.

Friends is one of the most popular sitcoms ever. For ten seasons, it captivated many people all across the world. The six characters gained notoriety when the series debuted in 1994 and became an instant sensation. Nearly 20 years after the series’ conclusion, these performers did a fantastic job portraying each of the characters, which have lingered in viewers’ hearts and imaginations.

Before Slippin Jimmy, there was Slippin Chuck.

In Season 2, episode 8, Titled “The One With The List,” Michael Mckean made his Camoe as Mr. Rastatter, Who works for a business that creates unique synthetic meals and is attempting to market “Mockolate,” a synthetic chocolate alternative. He pays Monica to make Mockolate meals with a Thanksgiving theme. The project gets shut down after being disapproved by FDA. The second time Monica sees Mr. Rastatter, he introduces her to Fishtachios, pistachios produced from reconstituted fish parts. When Monica explains her allergy to cat fur in response to his question about if she has any allergies, he thinks she shouldn’t try any.

Bob Odenkirk as an Actor

Bob Odenkirk didn’t appear on Friends, but he did in Joey, a spin-off that ran for barely two seasons. In “Joey and the Nemesis,” the sixth episode of the first season, Bob played Brian Michael David Scott, a struggling actor who constantly tricks to get Joey into skipping auditions.


Patrick Fabian as the Male Nurse

In Season 5, episode 3, Titled “The One Hundredth,” Patrick Fabian made his Cameo as Dan, A male nurse. Rachel meets two male nurses while Phoebe is giving birth and all of their friends are at the hospital. She then begs Monica to go on dates with them. Monica appears to agree that they should keep their connection private, which leads to a dispute with Chandler. But Monica ultimately declines.