Friends: Chandler Bing’s 10 Most Memorable Moments 

Chandler Bing's Most Memorable Moments 

Friends: Chandler Bing’s 10 Most Memorable Moments. Chandler Bing (Matthew Perry), beloved husband to Monica (Courteney Cox), loyal best friend to Joey (Matt LeBlanc), master of the witty one-liner, and proud dad to a chicken and a duck, holds a special place in our hearts as one of the most cherished characters on Friends. We’ve selected Chandler’s most memorable moments from each show’s 10 iconic seasons.

Chandler Bing’s 10 Most Memorable Moments 

The One With Chandler in a Box

Chandler was hardly visible in his most unforgettable appearance in season 4 of Friends, except for his occasional finger, as he spent the entire annual Thanksgiving episode inside a wooden box. His goal was to earn Joey’s forgiveness after kissing Joey’s girlfriend, Kathy (Paget Brewster).

Desperate For Love

Throughout the early seasons of Friends, Chandler’s tumultuous relationship with Janice provided ample opportunity for comedic gold. One particular scene stands out as a showcase for his trademark sarcasm, social awkwardness, and insecurities. 

As he grapples with his fear of commitment, Chandler arranges a dinner with Janice and presents her with contact paper as a gift. However, his emotions quickly spiral out of control, and in a moment of cringe-worthy neediness, he blurts out that he is “hopeless and awkward and desperate for love.” It’s a brilliantly delivered line and one of Chandler’s finest comedic moments.

Chandler & Joey’s Barcalounger Binge

The BarcaLoungers are undeniably among the most iconic furniture and decor pieces featured in Friends, alongside other notable items such as the French painting, the white dog statue, the canoe, and the entertainment unit.

 Upon acquiring the BarcaLoungers, Joey and Chandler promptly made them the centerpiece of their lives, ordering endless amounts of take-out food and binge-watching as much TV content as possible from the comfort of their beloved chairs.

The One After The Superbowl, Part 2

In season 2 of Friends, Julia Roberts made a memorable guest appearance as Susie “Underpants” Moss, a former elementary school classmate of Chandler. She earned this unfortunate nickname after Chandler embarrassingly lifted her skirt, revealing her underwear to the entire student body. 

Years later, Susie had the opportunity to exact revenge on Chandler by tricking him into changing into women’s underwear in a restaurant bathroom during their date before absconding with his clothes and leaving him stranded.

The One With the Hypnosis Tape

In season 3 of Friends, Chandler’s most unforgettable exploit was his attempt to quit smoking using a hypnosis tape. The tape proved successful, but unrevealed to Chandler, it was intended for female smokers. As a result, in addition to the anti-smoking affirmations, Chandler internalized the message that he was a “strong, confident woman.”

The One on the Last Night

Worried about Joey’s financial situation, Chandler created a card game called “Cups,” making up a new excuse with each hand they played to give Joey money. He deliberately lost $1,500 to Joey, who ended up losing it all when he taught the invented game to Ross.

The One Where Chandler Takes a Bath

Chandler became addicted to taking baths, thanks to Monica, but he lacked the skill to draw one for himself. One day, he couldn’t wait for Monica to draw a bath for him, so he sneaked into hers and was caught by her. When Ross and Rachel revealed they were expecting a baby girl, Chandler was found sitting in the tub with a toy boat, and all of their friends gathered around him.

The One With the Mugging

During season 9, Chandler recognized his desire to switch careers (his friends were unsure what his job was anyways) and landed an internship at an advertising agency. Despite feeling older than his youthful colleagues, he drew inspiration from the generation gap and created a clever tagline for a terrible pair of sneakers.

The One Where Everybody Finds Out

The one where the classic phrase was born: “They don’t know that we know that they know we know.” When Phoebe catches Monica and Chandler in the act, a game of cat and mouse ensues, resulting in some cringe-worthy interactions between Phoebe and Chandler. 

Lisa Kudrow shines in this episode, but so does Matthew Perry, particularly when he invites Phoebe to “feel his bicep…and maybe more.” His delivery of lines such as “It’s very nice” in reference to Phoebe’s bra and “I’m very excited we’re going to have all the s*x,” make this one of Chandler’s most memorable moments. As a bonus, it’s also the episode where Chandler expresses his love for Monica in a genuinely heartwarming scene.

The One With the Blackout

Chandler’s funniest moments are arguable during the blackout episode when he found himself trapped in an ATM vestibule with the stunning supermodel Jill Goodacre. The majority of the hilarity came from Chandler’s internal musings, conveyed through a voiceover.

For instance, when Jill offered him a piece of Gum, he declined, only to immediately regret it and think, “Gum would be perfection? I loathe myself.” He then tried to play it cool by blowing a bubble but instead spat out the Gum, picked it back up, and popped it into his mouth, only to realize it wasn’t his Gum. The result was a choking fit, accompanied by Chandler’s brilliant vocal delivery that had us rolling in laughter.