Amber Heard takes Refuge in a Town in Spain with her Daughter and her Girlfriend

Amber Heard has had a very challenging year. She was found guilty in her defamation case against Johnny Deep, one of the most publicized cases in recent memory. Despite announcing that she would appeal the verdict, Heard was found guilty of defamation and must now pay a punishment of more than 10 million dollars.

Her professional career now appears to be in paralysis since no new productions are committed to her. Her only project now is the Aquaman Sequel, and rumors are that majority of her part has been cut from the film. She has only 10 minutes of screen presence.

Amber Heard has relocated to a small village in Mallorca following her court struggle with her ex-partner, where she tries to fit in by taking on a new identity.

She has rented a home in the town of Costitx in Mallorca, and Heard has now moved in next door. Unsurprisingly, she’s opted to move to this idyllic national location.

The ‘TMZ media was the only source for this information, and they used it to publish pictures of the interpreter with her one-year-old kid and her rumored girlfriend, Bianca Butti.

They claim that her residence is under the name Martha Jane Cannary. Thus oddly, her new existence comes with a change of identity. A well-known historical figure from the late nineteenth century went by the moniker Calamity Jane.

She was renowned as a skilled American frontier defender and explorer who had engaged in combat with American Indians. It is, without a doubt, a revolutionary allusion that she is now using as a simile to go on a new course.