Matthew Perry was Anxious to Makes People Laugh

Friends was one of the most watched sitcoms ever, aired from 1994-2004. The last time we saw the whole cast was at the Friends reunion in 2021. The cast shared all the funny and emotional adventures they had been through after the show was Off-Air.
Though one of the statements made by Matthew Perry, who played Chandler Bing, worried many fans and even the cast members. The actor said that every day of shooting, he had anxiety issues.

I felt I would die if they didn’t laugh – explains Perry. And it’s not a healthy thing. Sometimes I’d say a joke, and if they didn’t laugh and I was sweating, I had convulsions. I would have freaked out if I hadn’t gotten the laugh I was supposed to get.

He shocked the rest of the cast that Phoebe’s actress Lisa Kudrow said, “I don’t recall you ever telling us.” Oh absolutely, I felt that way every single night, Perry replied.

The actor has previously spoken about his struggles while Friends was at its peak of popularity. In a 2016 BBC radio interview, Perry acknowledged that his drinking and drug usage confused him for the first three years of the show’s run.

He said, “I suppose the explanation is because I don’t remember three years of the program. Thus I don’t know what my least favorite episode was. Between the third and sixth season, roughly.