The Addams Family Movie Cast | Where are they Now?

The Addams Family Movie Cast

“The Addams Family” is a movie that, even now, continues to define a “Before and After” in Hollywood history. Here, we will show you what’s the memorable Cast of The Addams Family that starred in this hilarious and bizarre drama currently doing.

Where is the Cast of The Addams Family Movie

Christina Ricci

Christina Ricci gained notoriety in Hollywood after starring as “Wednesday Addams” appearing in more than 80 projects. At the moment, Ricci serves as the spokesperson for a group that helps se*ual abuse victims.

Anjelica Huston

Anjelica Huston starred in “John Wick: Chapter 3.” Anjelica is an animal rights activist who fights for chimpanzees’ rights above all others. The actress is a member of a group that works to save chimpanzees from horrible conditions.

Raul Julia

Raul Julia had stomach cancer but passed away from a stroke brought on by a stomach infection he contracted after eating sushi. Raul Julia passed suddenly soon after the film was shot because of Stomach cancer-related complications.

Jimmy Workman

Jimmy Workman gave up acting. After taking on several parts, Jimmy Workman chose to withdraw from acting and work “behind the scenes.” Jimmy, however, gained attention once more when it was discovered that he was related to Modern Family actress Ariel Winter.

Christopher Lloyd

The renowned Christopher Lloyd portrayed the adored “Uncle Fester.” In the years following the film, Lloyd concentrated more on voice acting. Christopher Lloyd is quite active on Instagram and was married five times.

Twin sisters

Twin sisters, who were one year old at the time of filming, were cast as the Addams Family’s newborn. The Hooper twins, Kaitlyn and Kristen, never showed any interest in performing as children. They presently live a typical married life.

John Franklin

The actor who played “Cousin Itt” is still acting now. John Franklin, an actor who lacked growth hormone, played “Cousin Itt.” Since then, Franklin has continued working, making appearances on programs including “Fresh Off the Boat” and “Brooklyn Nine-Nine.”

Christopher Hart

It turns out that the actor who portrayed “Things” was a magician. Christopher Hart also calls himself a “Professional Magician,” performed “Things.” Hart had “expressive hands” since he was a magician, which was ideal for the movie. Hart did not, however, appear in another film again.

Carel Struycken

Gerald’s Game and other horror films featured the actor who portrayed “Lurch.” Actor Carel Struycken, who has Acromegaly, described the role of “Lurch.” Struycken performed in horror films, including “Doctor Sleep” and “Gerald’s Game.” He has, nonetheless, maintained a very secluded existence.

Judith Malina

The actress from “Grandmama” died after decades of chain smoking. The actress Judith Malina, who portrayed “Grandmama,” opted to concentrate on theatrical acting following the movie. After decades of smoking, Malina died in 2015 at 88 from a lung infection.

Mercedes McNab

Mercedes McNab played a Girl Scout. After landing a small part in “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” Mercedes appeared for Pl*yboy magazine. Following the film, Mercedes McNab appeared for Pl*yboy. She presently has a successful real estate developer as her husband.