Jennifer Aniston Did Not Like To Be S*xualised With Terms Like ‘Bombshell’

Jennifer Aniston Bombshell

Jennifer Aniston Did Not Like To Be S*xualised With Terms Like ‘Bombshell’. Even though Friends ended in 2004, the American comedy sitcom is still regarded as one of the most famous programs because viewers keep coming back to it. Thanks to the actors that played them, each of its characters was distinct and endearing. One of them, Jennifer Aniston, developed a reputation for herself as a sort of “Bombshell.”

With her portrayal as Rachel Green on FRIENDS, she rose to dominance. Her character was renowned as a true fashionista, and somehow that persona became her identity in real life. She continues to be recognized for that persona today. Not only that, but back in the day, the Rachel cut she had on the show became common among women.

Although Aniston has millions of devoted followers, she dislikes the image of being a “Hollywood Bombshell.” She is most recognized for her s*x appeal and is portrayed as such in a number of films.

Jennifer Aniston expressed her unhappiness with the above title a few years ago. When asked about being labeled as “sexy” in an interview with Instyle, the actress remarked, “It feels ironic.

Bombshell wasn’t really my thing, I thought natural, cute, and funny was s*xy, you know?” 

Aniston also said that she is like just other girls. She said, “To be put in that category, I was like, ‘Oh, this is nice,’ But no, I didn’t have a ‘s*xy’ banner around my waist or start going to ‘s*xy’ school or anything like that. Some days you’re hot, and some days you’re not.”

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