Jenna Ortega Reveals why She didn’t Ask Christina Ricci for Wednesday Addams Advice

Jenna Ortega Christina Ricci Wednesday Addams Advice

The actress Jenna Ortega plays the eldest daughter of the notorious Addams family in the Netflix series Wednesday, which debuted on November 23. The 42-year-old actress Christina Ricci, who also stars in the new Tim Burton series as a teacher at the school Wednesday Addams attends, played this role in the 90s film adaptations.

Jenna Ortega has therefore had the chance to perform alongside the “old” Wednesday but has never attempted to overshadow it. In an interview with MTV News, Ortega revealed that she never discussed her character with Christina to ensure that her portrayal of her was entirely distinct and detailed.

Why did Jenna Ortega not Ask Christina Ricci for Wednesday’s Advice?

I didn’t want to perform the same performance that she did 30 years ago,” said the young actress, adding, “I wasn’t going to steal her role and look too much like her .” 

In addition, Jenna Ortega spoke more deeply about the relationship she established with Christina Ricci on the set. It was certainly interesting, especially since I know people automatically make the comparison,” the new Wednesday Addams told Sky News. And she added: “We got along well on the set, despite living in two completely different realities. “

In 90s movies, Christina Ricci undoubtedly gave an iconic performance that made it difficult to imagine anyone else in her place. But Jenna Ortega has outperformed everyone’s expectations by flawlessly filling Wednesday’s shoes without being a carbon copy or repetition.