Ben Affleck Reveals Michael Jordan’s Special Requests Before Filming ‘Air’

Ben Affleck Michael Jordan Air

The upcoming film “Air,” directed by Ben Affleck, is set to hit theaters shortly. It tells the story of how Nike underwent a revolution in 1984, spearheaded by Sonny Vaccaro (played by Matt Damon), who recruited Michael Jordan to launch a new line of shoes called Air Jordans.

When the script was ready, Affleck had the opportunity to talk to Jordan. Affleck stated that he wanted Jordan’s blessing before beginning production since Jordan was the story’s star.

Michael Jordan’s Special Requests Before Filming ‘Air’

During the SXSW festival, Affleck revealed that he consulted Michael Jordan before making the film, and Jordan had only one request: that Viola Davis be cast to play his mother.

Affleck described Jordan as intimidating and solemn, but Jordan opened up to him about his parents. Jordan expressed reverence, admiration, love, gratitude, and innocence towards his mother and revealed that none of what happened could have been possible without her.

Affleck asked Jordan who he would like to play his mother, and Jordan immediately responded with Viola Davis. Affleck was also a big fan of Davis and felt that having her in the film would be great. Affleck was thrilled to have fulfilled Jordan’s request and cast Davis in the role.

In “Air,” Affleck and Damon collaborate with Jordan to revolutionize the world of basketball and Nike sneakers. The film tells how Sonny Vaccaro, a key figure in the basketball shoe business, recruited Michael Jordan to launch a new line of shoes, which would eventually become the Air Jordans.

The film promises to be an exciting and inspiring story of innovation and collaboration, with a star-studded cast that includes Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, and Viola Davis. Fans of basketball and sneakers alike will surely be eager to see this film.