Taxi Driver’ Writer Paul Schrader Slams Oscars Woke Agenda

Paul Schrader Oscars Woke

Paul Schrader, famously known for his screenplay of Martin Scorsese’s Taxi Driver, recently took to Facebook to express his thoughts on the Oscars and their focus on inclusivity.

Following the 2023 Oscar ceremony, Schrader criticized the awards for their race to be “woke.” He preferred the small-town origins of the Oscars, where Hollywood came together to celebrate its own.

Paul Schrader Slams Oscars Woke Agenda

According to Schrader, the Oscars have transformed from Hollywood to International Oscars, with membership diversification and vote recalibration changes. He noted that most film nations have national awards, and festivals have prizes, so why does Hollywood have to be different?

Schrader believes that if the Oscars want to save themselves, they must return to their origins. He agrees with Barry Diller’s opinion that the Oscars matter less yearly. The need for revenue, the debt carried by the museum, the lowering of film revenues, and the rush to be “woke” are the reasons for this.

This is not the first time Schrader has used his Facebook page to criticize the entertainment industry. He previously expressed his disappointment in the third episode of The Last of Us, calling it a “sweet melodrama.” Schrader had been urged to watch it but turned it off 35 minutes into the first episode after seeing a zombie. However, he was convinced to watch episode three, which he found to be a super goofy melodrama about gay euthanasia.