The Last Of Us: Episode 9 Easter Eggs

The Last Of Us Episode 9 Easter Eggs

The season finale of The Last of Us Tv Show features intriguing Easter eggs and nods to both games in the franchise. Fans eagerly awaited the highly anticipated show, comparing every scene, action, and plot to the fun while discovering hidden references in each episode. 

The final episode covered the entire story of the first game and offered a new perspective on the franchise, complete with subtle details that fans could easily spot. The episode provided plenty of fan service, from cameos by returning cast members to references to the second game, including the iconic giraffe scene. 

The Last Of Us: Episode 9 Easter Eggs

Ellie meets Ellie

At the start of the episode, a pregnant young woman is spotted sprinting through the woods, clearly attempting to evade an Infected. Subsequently, it is disclosed that the woman is Anna, who happens to be Ellie’s mother. 

The show paid homage to the game in an attractive manner by casting Ashley Johnson, who previously played Ellie in The Last of Us video games, as Anna. Johnson’s remarkable performance in bringing Ellie to life is already renowned among The Last of Us fans.


Anna, Ellie’s mother, takes shelter in a farmhouse and battles an Infected while giving birth to Ellie. The farmhouse’s appearance is a discreet allusion to the ranch where Ellie resided in The Last of Us Part 2.

Stalking infectors 

The opening scene of The Last of Us episode 9 features Anna being attacked by a Stalker infected type, one of the four distinct stages the infected hosts turn into in the original game – Runners, Stalkers, Clickers, and Bloaters. 

While the HBO series has heavily featured the first, third, and fourth stages, Stalkers have not been showcased meaningfully until now. The fact that the infected in the episode are shown running on all fours, like the Stalkers from the game, confirms their inclusion in the series.

The iconic Giraffe scene

In Salt Lake City, Ellie and Joel stumble upon a group of wild giraffes, a poignant and significant moment from the game. The giraffe scene had been hinted at in prior episodes, making it impossible for the HBO series to leave it out entirely. 

After watching the pair combat Infected hunters, raiders, and cannibals, it is a welcomed change of pace to see them pause and savor this tranquil moment together. For Ellie, who has only encountered death and abandonment since birth, this is a chance to relish life’s simple pleasures and be a carefree teenager. This scene holds great importance in the game as it serves as the last cheerful moment shared by Joel and Ellie before the brutal climax, which the adaptation captured flawlessly.

Cut through the building

While scouring the deserted city to locate the hospital controlled by the Fireflies, Joel is interrupted by Ellie just as he is about to propose a strategy. In a disinterested tone, Ellie suggests, “Cut through the building to get around that stuff, find the skyscraper, go up and look around.” This line is a significant nod to The Last of Us game as the pair performs these same actions several times throughout the story.

Drop that ladder down.

In The Last of Us episode 9, another Easter egg referencing the original game is included following the flashlight gameplay element featured in episode 7. As Joel and Ellie climb a building to locate the Fireflies’ hospital, Joel boosts Ellie up by her foot to reach an overhead ladder and lets it down for Joel to ascend. This gameplay feature is prevalent throughout the original game and serves as a connection to the source material by HBO co-creator and creator of the original game, Neil Druckmann.

Joel playing guitar

During the episode, Joel inquires whether Ellie is interested in learning to play the guitar, a reference to The Last of Us Part 2, where Joel does teach her to play. In one of the game’s most heartwarming scenes, Joel performs “Future Days” by Pearl Jam, while Ellie later sings a rendition of “Take On Me” by A-ha.

Another secret cameo

Ashley Johnson wasn’t the sole The Last of Us cameo in the season finale. Laura Bailey, who portrayed Abby in The Last of Us Part 2, briefly appears as one of the nurses in the finale. Her face is obscured by a surgical mask, making it a covert cameo. Bailey also played a nurse in The Last of Us game and was an optional character for players to kill. 

The creators were impressed with her work and cast her as the main antagonist in the sequel. Her involvement in the HBO series is a significant reference to the franchise as Abby, her character in the game, is the daughter of the doctor Joel kills, and her revenge forms a crucial part of the story.

Killing the Fireflies 

The contentious scene in The Last of Us episode 9, where Joel slaughters the Fireflies, is a clear nod to the original game, as it is almost a replica. The sequence depicts Joel being escorted outside the hospital by Firefly guards, followed by his brutal killing spree of the guards and his race through the hospital to rescue Ellie. This controversial scene was lifted directly from the game’s ending and is pivotal to Ellie and Joel’s journey in The Last of Us, season 1.

Killing the Lead Surgeon

Once Joel reaches the surgical suite, he promptly and unhesitatingly takes down the head surgeon. This particular doctor’s demise establishes the character of Abby in the forthcoming season 2, who is disclosed to be the doctor’s gloomy daughter. As a result, this revelation will have significant consequences for Joel and Ellie and will undoubtedly be delved into in The Last of Us season 2.

Ellie and Joel And Wear Their Last Of Us Ending Outfits

Likewise, in The Last of Us episode 9, Joel and Ellie’s attire pays homage to the original game with an Easter egg. Joel sports his denim shirt, while Ellie wears a grey t-shirt and a pinkish-red overshirt, both reminiscent of their attire at the same stage in the game. 

The Last Of Us Season 1, Episode 9’s Ending Scene

In the last scene of The Last of Us, Joel deceives Ellie regarding the events that occurred at the hospital. The episode and season culminate when Joel discovers what the Fireflies’ procedure will do to Ellie. He is determined to save her at any cost, even if it means brutally murdering all the fireflies at the site. 

This entire sequence is a massive reference to the original Last of Us game’s conclusion, from the position of Joel and Ellie on the hill overlooking Jackson to Ellie’s monologue about Riley, Tess, and Sam. 

The season ends similarly to the first game, with Ellie making Joel promise he’s telling her the truth. The final moments, where he lies to Ellie about the lack of a cure, are lifted directly from the game. The camera zooms in on her conflicted expression, and she responds, “Okay.”